Homemade Cherry Pie Filling

There is nothing sexier than cherry pie filling. You see tarts, pies, pastries, etc with bright red ¬†filling, only to take a big bite and be left with that less than satisfied feeling. There is a severe lack of acidity and “pop” in canned cherry fillings. If you have the time, this filling blows the […]

Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizzas are really a personal thing when it comes down to it since there are so many different ways to make one. Some people like to use actual pizza dough, others will use a sugar cookie base. I enjoy using a puff pastry base and a fruit curd as the sauce. This isn’t so […]

Berry Jell

I don’t know exactly when Jello became so uncool, maybe it’s because sometime long ago it became a staple hospital dessert. But forget those stereotypes! I am here to present you a beautiful, healthy, and darn tasty treat with berries, jello, and a smidge of whipped cream. If you are anything like me, this treat […]

Blackberry Jam

Summer is almost over, have you made any jams yet? I hadn’t yet until tonight, and I’m sure glad I finally got around to it! I went to a local farm stand and got the plumpest blackberries I’ve seen in a while. Maybe an hour later, I’ve got preserves to bring a touch of summer […]

Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes

What’s a great way to enjoy some whole wheat for breakfast? Make a wheat vessel that contains blueberries, butter, and syrup! I present to you my tasty Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes. They really are yum!

Easy Strawberry Pie

This is one easy and tasty summer dessert! I cheated and used some shortcuts, but I was done with this pie in under 20 minutes.