Mango Hack

Do you love mangoes but hate how hard it can be to slice and prepare? Cutting the cheeks, slicing to cubes, turning the peel inside out… I have a much, much easier technique for you! All you need is a mango, a knife, and a drinking glass. That’s right, a drinking glass.

I saw this somewhere on the internet long ago and have been using this method ever since, and I’ve never looked back!

First you will begin by cutting the cheeks off of your mango.

My mangoes were not as ripe as I’d have hoped. However, instead of waiting a few days for them to soften up, I decided to go ahead and endure. That’s right, I endured for you. 😉

Next, holding a cheek in your palm, peel side down, use your other hand to press the rim of the drinking glass to the edge of the fruit. Press and slide the glass as close to the peel as you can, and just slide under the fruit flesh.


DSC_0226 DSC_0224


That’s it! You can get very close to getting all of the fruit with this method (if your mangoes are ripe). Just dice and serve!





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